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   Doufám, že se vám moje stránka aspoň trochu líbila a čas strávený prohlížením neberete za promarněný.

   Máte-li zájem, můžete zanechat vzkaz, který si rád přečtu.....



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Hey, sexy!

(KennethFek, 3. 6. 2021 19:03)

I was coming out of the tiny shower of the suite at 11:45, rushing in the hopes Tom Edwards, the First Officer, might be hanging around the hallway outside “just in case”. Without bothering with underwear, I slip on the summer dress I had worn previously, sandals, and quickly brushed my hair. I opened the door to find Tom nervously pacing just down the hall from my suite.

Funny story

(ThomasSox, 2. 6. 2021 10:36)

“How may I satisfy you best, Sirs? In my mouth or … perhaps my pussy? One at a time or together?”
Nothing was said for a moment, so I interjected my own thought, “May I suggest?” They numbly nodded. “Let’s do both at the same time.
Mr. Wilson, if you’ll lay yourself against the headboard …”
He did as I directed after quickly shedding his remaining clothes.
I crawled up onto the bed after him thinking the reputation of hotel bed covers being a haven for bodily fluids was about to become even truer.
With him settled, I crawled onto the bed to him and looked over my shoulder. In a deliciously devious gesture that only I understood I patted my ass for Tenor to come and fuck me.


(HaroldMaymN, 2. 6. 2021 8:54)

You wanted to see me, Sir?
I was two steps into his office, my suit jacket sliding down my arms as I walked to my location between the chairs in front of his desk.
“Something has come to my attention that might be interesting.”
It wasn’t normal for him to blurt out what was on his mind when I was summoned to his office. We had established something of a protocol of how this was to work.
It was akin to a tribal ritual of exchanging pleasant conversation prior to entering into serious exchange, a ritual intended to maintain civility and peace and calm prior to any interaction.
I had thought ours was the same, though it had never been expressed or defined. I undressed and he sat back in his chair to enjoy it prior to entering into any business.

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(Michaelhex, 1. 6. 2021 16:40)



(Carlosloutt, 31. 5. 2021 13:15)

Samantha was a total and complete knockout, a perfect ten, and in today’s language a MILF.
In other words Samantha was a fucking wet dream. If she was coming with us I wanted to go to a water park, a nude beach, or a long walk in a warm light rain.
Well the nude beach was out of the question and the warm summer rain only happened once but it was a memory that would last for a lifetime.
Samantha’s white T-shirt and white bra got soaked, right to her skin. That bra was not very thick and did nothing to hide her dark areolas and hard nipples.
Her tight yellow shorts got wet too. Her pink thong panties became visible and her dark pubic hair did too.
It was the most erotic thing that I had ever seen. I lusted after her that day and ever since.

Saying hello

(WillGaw, 30. 5. 2021 0:55)

Once we deplane, my cell phone again goes off. It’s the secretary to Senator Harris. Unfortunately, she is unable to meet with me as she was called into a roll call vote on a controversial bill. One that I was absolutely against.
We take the limo to the building that we just purchased. Captain Perez told me about the building needing some work to make it more appealing. When we arrived, we immediately saw what he was referring to. The whole building needed pressure washing at the very least. The trash disposal area was a mess and needed to be cleaned up.
The ladies had already seen enough buildings; however, I did ask Jennifer to join me inside. Much to my relief, there was a security guard at a desk giving directions as to what floor certain companies were located on. I sent Jennifer into the ladies’ room to check things out. I headed into the men’s room. Thankfully, the men’s room was clean and odor free. When I went back outside, Jennifer said the ladies’ room was also clean and without odor. We didn’t stay very long as we had to get cleaned up for dinner with Captain Perez.
The chauffeur drove us to the Watergate. We were greeted by some very nice people who worked hard at putting our luggage on the cart and taking us to the front desk for check-in.
The front desk people checked the four of us in and gave us each a keycard and sent us with the bellman and our luggage up to our suites.

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Как юридически грамотно защитить свои права

(NathanExpom, 27. 5. 2021 2:50)

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Как отремонтировать стиральную машину дома

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bonanza seeds cannabis

(Stevenbaw, 17. 4. 2021 15:18)

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